Film Review: The Drop Box

Krista and I went to see the screening of The Drop Box at a nearby movie theater with some folks from the local Parishioners For Life group who alerted us to the film.  It's an independent film and it's only being shown for three nights.  If you want to see The Drop Box in theaters, you only have two nights left.  The Drop Box only shows at 7pm on March 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Separating Art From Message in The Drop Box

The Drop Box movie poster was a bit misleading.  In the photo, The Drop Box looks like a miniature incubator provided by the hospital.  In the film, they actually show Pastor Lee creating it using regular, unpainted wood.  Maybe he got an upgraded Drop Box after the film but before the movie was made?  It implies the conditions Pastor Lee is working in are very professional.  In fact, the documentary may be hiding squallor from the American audience.  I also don't think we ever saw Pastor Lee wear a pastor's collar during the film; which is prominently displayed here.  Not that it's important, but the white shirt … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Reflections of Netanyahu’s Speech to US Congress

Benjamin Netanyahu likely just put the last nail in the coffin of Obama's plan to get an Iranian deal ratified through the US Senate. He gave an incredible speech and there were a few surprises in there for me, including what he didn't say. The opening of the speech was brilliant. By recognizing Harry Reid as a friend and acknowledging his recovery, Netanyahu made it clear that he is not playing party politics between the Republicans and Democrats. Shortly later, Netanyahu flattered Barack Obama by touting everything he's done for Israel, including things that were classified and couldn't be discussed; which is sure to trouble Israel's Arab neighbors tonight. The speech was a primetime television event in the Middle East.  As such, Prime Minister Netanyahu had four audiences tonight.  The United States Congress (and the American people), the President of the United States and his Administration, the people of Israel, and the leaders of the Muslim world.

The Netanyahu Message to the US Congress and the American People

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the US Congress about the Iran nuclear negotiations despite objections from the White House Israel Prime Minister Benjamin … Continue Reading ››

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll (again)

wpid-RAND+PAUL+THUGS.jpgLike his father, Rand Paul has a die hard group of core volunteers.  They swarm events like CPAC, heckle some candidates, make a ruckus and try to intimidate legitimate conservatives there to listen to likely Presidential candidates, and most importantly: they vote for Rand Paul in the straw polls.  This 2015 CPAC event marks the third consecutive CPAC straw poll Senator Rand Paul has won.  You would think these consecutive victories at a national gathering of conservatives would suggest Rand Paul was the clear front runner moving into the 2016 Presidential Election.  Yet, Rand Paul's poll numbers continue to linger in the low tens or single digits; where they have remained consistently over the last three years. Rand PaulThis isn't for lack of exposure.  Since becoming a US Senator, Rand Paul's name recognition is as high as anyone running for President.  Of all the Presidential candidates, I think Republicans are more familiar with Rand Paul's platform than anyone else's.  Rand Paul's name recognition is as high or higher than any other candidate.  Yet despite this, 80% of Republicans just aren't comfortable with Rand Paul. Unfortunately, the … Continue Reading ››

GOP’s Unguarded Hen House in 2016

As 2016 draws nearer and the Presidential field begins form, our attention is going to be drawn increasingly towards the question: "Who shall be our next President?"  Yet, as hard as winning the 2016 Presidential race may be, the Republican Party faces an even greater challenge in next year's election.  That is, keeping a majority in the United States Senate. Here's a look at the seats that are up for grab. 2016_Senate_election_map Looking at this map, it should be painfully apparent that the Republican Party has almost no chance of picking up any new Senate Seats in 2016.  Colorado might be our best chance.   Meanwhile, the GOP stands a significant risk of losing quite a few seats.  With a 55 to 45 member majority, the Republicans need to lose FEWER than five seats to keep their majority.  If we lose more than five seats, the Senate will belong to the Democrats.  Obviously, if we lose exactly five, the Senate will belong to whichever party wins the White House. If you're wondering how we got into this mess, it turns out this is the curse of success.  In 2010, the Republican Party won a lot of Senate … Continue Reading ››

Jindal Skips Iowa Freedom Forum for American Family Association

Who is running for President?  Well, Jeb Bush already told us he was.  Yesterday was the Iowa Freedom Forum and many of the other contenders made an appearance. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Texas Governor Rick Perry.  Mark my words, all six of these men will be running for President.  Along with Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, that's a field of eight candidates.
Bobby Jindal is a fantastic Governor, but his special powers seem to disappear when he leaves the state of Louisiana.
Bobby Jindal keynoted an event for the controversial American Family Association and skipped an important event in Iowa.  While some will call it a blunder, Governor Jindal might have made a very wise move getting the American Family Association obligations out-of-the-way early.
A ninth candidate, who undoubtedly wanted to be at the Iowa Freedom Forum, was busy making headlines in his own state of Louisiana. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal skipped the Iowa Freedom Forum to give a 15-minute speech at an event hosted by the American Family Association where he argued … Continue Reading ››

I Didn’t Watch Barack Obama’s State of the Union

Scrolling through Facebook this morning, it's amazing how many of my conservative friends are writing angry messages and how many of my liberal friends are writing messages about how many of my conservative friends are writing angry messages.  That might make me sound like a liberal for writing about how many of my conservative friends are writing angry messages, but I think it's worth noting more how my liberal friends are writing messages about how many of my conservative friends are writing angry messages and not writing messages celebrating the message of the President's speech writers. They're not even writing messages defending the message of the speech writers, only writing messages about how many of my conservative friends are writing angry messages about the message of the speech writers.  With everybody writing a message about something; I wanted to write a message, too.  I chose to write my message in the form of a tongue twister. Now read that paragraph aloud really, really fast three times.  I'll seriously post video of anyone who tries. I'm done listening to this man's lies.  However, even though everyone knows he's a liar already, they still bring themselves … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Romney Leading Huckabee in Iowa (by a lot)

Tan Mitt Romney on Univision
Shockingly, Hispanic voters in 2012 weren't wooed by Mitt Romney after he appeared on Univision with a spray-on tan.
I have to admit that I'm shocked by polling data coming out of Iowa.  The Gravis poll found Mitt Romney leading Huckabee with 21% of the vote compared to Huckabee's 9%.  Rick Santorum was not a candidate listed in this poll.  This after Mitt Romney lost the Iowa Caucuses in two consecutive primary cycles, first against Mike Huckabee in 2008 and then against Rick Santorum in 2012. Of course, this doesn't mean anything.  2008 and 2012 both saw Mitt Romney leading Huckabee and then leading Santorum with sizable leads in Iowa before losing the state. Mitt Romney's advantage in the polling as of late has everything to do with him being the last presidential candidate.  A lot of moderates have "buyer's remorse" for voting for Obama in 2012 and because he was the candidate in 2012, Republicans feel like they know him better than they know any of the other candidates, even those that ran but lost the nomination in 2007/8 and 2011/12. The polling was done by Gravis … Continue Reading ››

The 49 States of America? The Hawaiian Nationalists

Supporters of Hawaiian nationalists march for independence from the United States.
Supporters of Hawaiian nationalists march for independence from the United States.
After several decades, anger at how a few businessmen from the United States unethically claimed the Hawaii is reemerging among many native Hawaiians.  Moderates in this group are currently working with the Federal government to have protections currently given to Native Americans.  However, there is another group of ethnic Hawaiians who don't think that goes far enough.  They're part of the growing Hawaiian nationalist movement and, as the name would suggest, they're seeking to re-establish the Kingdom of Hawaii. One would probably suspect that these two groups in Hawaii don't get along.  One would be right.  There is an extreme amount of distrust between them, with the Hawaiian nationalists accusing the moderates of selling out and the moderates accusing the Hawaiian nationalists of blindly risking the negotiations with the Federal government. hawaii-independence2Personally, I've always been sympathetic of a good claim of sovereignty, but the Hawaiian nationalist movement is just too far-fetched.  Is their claim just?  Totally.  Is it realistic?  Not at all.  The … Continue Reading ››

New Possible Laws For Indiana Regarding Carry Permits

gun permitHello hello one and all! Man it's been a long time since I've stretched these typing digits out. I'm more worried about how I'm going to fare when I start doing my radio show again, but I'll worry about that soon enough. Throughout the course of my writing I'll cover both Indiana (which I am admittedly much, much more familiar with) and Wisconsin  politics with some national stuff, obviously, mixed in as well. The first story that piqued my interest was brought to my attention via one of the Indiana gun forums I am a member of on Facebook. IN HB1029, if passed, would require " that an individual must indicate on an application for or a renewal of a driver's license, permit, or identification card whether the individual possesses a handgun license (license). Requires the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau) to verify whether the individual has a license by contacting the superintendent of the state police department. Requires the bureau to place a notation on the individual's driver's license, permit, or identification card that indicates that the individual possesses a license. Makes a technical correction." This bill has been identified as having … Continue Reading ››

Interest in Ben Carson Stronger in Nigeria than United States?

Dr. Ben Carson is a bit nutty... which is apparently popular in the destitute, underdeveloped countries of the world.
Dr. Ben Carson is a bit nutty... which is apparently popular in the destitute, underdeveloped countries of the world.
I was playing around with Google trends and noticed an interesting anomaly when searching looking up Presidential candidates.  For every potential Republican candidate for President in 2016, the country with the most searches for that individual is the United States.  Every candidate... except one.  Ben Carson. Nigeria is the top country for interest in Ben Carson in Google searches. Followed by Kenya. Followed by Jamaica. Followed by Tanzania. Followed by Ghana. In sixth place is the United States. (WTF!?)  Here's the list of countries. It seems shocking that the United States is so far down. When you break this down by city, it gets even more suspicious. Baltimore is by far the city most interested in Ben Carson. Ben Carson also lives in a wealthy suburb of Baltimore, so this isn't terribly shocking by itself. However, the next closest American city is Alexandria, VA in Northern Virginia; which has less than half the interest in Carson. After … Continue Reading ››