DO Reserves This For Me

   Nobody else is allowed to have it. 


Training Fail

  I’m not use if this is a pretzel or an ass print.


Photos Before Burns Harbor 5K

  Of all the town council candidates, Andy Bozak was the only one to co-sponsor the town’s 5K.        Andy Bozak is a candidate for Burns Harbor Town Council in Indiana and he’s hired Pixel Perfect Solutions (my company) for campaign consulting. Andy is on the Burns Harbor Park Board…


I still love my country, but flying this flag feel more authentic

 We are called to be Christians before Americans. Being both has never been a problem before. If the government changes that and forces us to choose, nobody should be surprised when we choose to fly other flags.


823 Years Ago, This Went Viral on Facebook

  If you’re curious, it’s not even true.  July only has 4 Sundays in 2015.  It is not until 2016 that July will have five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The last time this happened was four years ago in 2011.  That’s ancient in the sense that man was still using…


Pope Francis: You Can’t Be An Environmentalist if You Aren’t Pro-Life

Seriously, read what the man wrote before you let MSNBC and some goofy Freemasons tell you you what he said.   


Blackhawks Parade Stanley Cup Past My Building

You can see the Stanley Cup in the second seat on the passenger side of the bus!   


KTracy Freedom Garden Keeps Growing

Woohoo! Eggplants, tomatoes, and broccoli are doing awesome!      


When a Kid Watches Your Netflix : This Happens

Although, it does seem kind of interesting…